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Post Conference

post-conference-thumbnailThe conference is a platform for change and therefore these are activities planned to ensure the sustenance of the deliberations of the conference. At the end of the three day conference, there will be a working communique document that will be presented to the Nigerian government, the ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West African States) and the AU (African Union). It is expected that this document will influence disability friendly policies at the highest levels.

The Local Organising Committee will collapse into a established advocacy and Special Purpose Vehicle that will source funding for credible projects with wide scope and impact in Nigeria and beyond. Negotiations have already commenced to enter into collaborative relationships with international organisations to advocate and implement projects.

The projects will address issues in the short, medium and long term. The focus of the projects will include capacity, infrastructure and policy interventions.

The formal platform set up to achieve the post conference objectives will be launched during the gala night on Wednesday 24th June 2015. Detailed Information on the post conference activities will be made available to conference delegates at the conference venue from 22nd June 2015 when the conference will be declared open. The information once launched will be publicly available on the website. Please check this section of the website for updates.