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Parents’ Discovery

03:00 - 05:00 pm (Day 3) Wednessday 24th June 2015

Meeting Room 1 [first floor]

Parents and guardians with children and wards with disabilities find life extremely difficult and coping with a child that has a developmental, intellectual or physical disability can oftentimes be overwhelming. The day to day management taken upon by the parents and guardians is stressful because there exists little or no integrated solution to meet their health, educational and other socio-economic needs. In addition to this, other factors such as stigmatisation, local taboos and isolation prevalent in the sub Saharan African setting adds an additional hurdle to parents and guardians.

The discovery session will serve as a platform to build a networking support group which will be operational beyond the conference. This session will provide resources and tools to empower parents and guardians to understand their circumstances and better manage their current situation to achieve the best positive outcomes for the person with disabilities as well as the primary care givers.

Areas of discussion will include:

Exploration of  parents concerns
Information about assessments/evaluations/diagnosis
Option for education
Coping with life as a parent with a child with disabilities
Law and policies relating to disabilities  
Creating a road map for financial support

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