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Capacity: 50

Media Master Class

OBJECTIVE: To equip media professionals with the basic skills and competencies that they can develop and disseminate information to the wider public using appropriate terminologies and in accordance with globally accepted best practice and international conventions.


  • News Casters
  • Trainee Reporters
  • Social Media Practitioners
  • Public Relations Executives
  • Advertising Practitioners
  • “Nollywood” Practitioners


  • Understand the various types of disabilities
  • Know and use the appropriate terminologies associated with disabilities
  • Adopt best practices in disability etiquette
  • Adopt best practices in reporting and interviewing Persons with Disabilities.


  • General overview of various disabilities
  • Introduction to the care and management for Persons with Disabilities
  • Advocacy and fundamental human rights (the Rights of the Disabled)
  • Best practices in interviewing and reporting
  • Overview of the legal framework as it relates to Persons with Disabilities
  • Understanding the legal implications of reporting

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