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Human Resource Master Class

Capacity: 50

Human Resource Master Class

OBJECTIVE: To equip Human resource professionals with the necessary skills and competencies to ensure diversity and inclusion within the workplace.


  • HR Directors
  • HR Officers
  • Tax Directors
  • Facility Managers
  • Estate Agents
  • Project Managers
  • Customer Service Professionals


  • Know the various types of disabilities.
  • Know the legal frame work as related to persons with disabilities in Nigeria
  • Learn the channels for building empathy as related with persons with disabilities within the work place
  • Grasp the overview of occupational health


  • Overview of the Legal framework as it affects recruitment, selection, talent management and disengagement of persons with disabilities
  • Overview of allowance and benefits for persons with disabilities in the work place
  • Developing Disability Friendly Human Resources policies and procedures
  • Approach to creating awareness and sensitisation in work place (benefits of a well-crafted communications plan)
  • Case Study

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