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Capacity: 50

Education Master Class

OBJECTIVE: To equip education professionals operating at policy
and school levels on how to identify and accommodate the needs of diverse learners in a multi-faceted school environment


  • School Owners
  • Heads of Schools
  • Heads of Churches/ Mosques (Youth class, Sunday schools)
  • Early Childhood Care providers
  • Inspectors of Education
  • Policy makers e.g. Officials of Ministry of Education, SUBEB


  • Learn basic skills for accurate record and data management for basic diagnosis and referrals
  • Differentiate learning and teaching methodologies to accommodate diverse learners
  • Understand the fundamentals to develop disability friendly policies within the education ecosystem
  • Understand, guide and counsel diverse learners and relevant stakeholders within the education ecosystem


  • General Introduction to Inclusive education – pros and cons
  • Overview of disability policies and introduction to IEP (Individual Education Plan)
  • The role of Teachers’ training and Continuing Professional Development(CPD) in the education ecosystem
  • Case Study

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