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Mr. Babajide Fadoju

jideFadoju Babajide is the principal partner with Specification Lab, a digital marketing, brands and social media company, shortened as SPECS. Specification Lab is an international brand, PR and online conversation agency. We help brands, initiate, build, listen, understand and engage their community online.

Going further, Fadoju is a partner and shareholder with Hexavia Limited.

Hexavia Limited is a Business, Brand, Strategy, Corporate Trainings and Human Capital Development Company. The core of our operations starts off in brand, organisational and business development. Further ahead, we offer Human Capital Development Services which are categorized under Professional Advisory, Trainings, Strategy, Analysis and Capacity Building.

Fadoju Babajide via SPECS is the social media consultant for the IASSIDD Disability Conference.

Fadoju Babajide is also a Project Management Certified manager with honours in Science Lab Technology in Lagos State Polytechnic. He also attained Entrepreneural Skills and Business Management with Hexavia.